Jari Menari Spa

Visit Jari Menari Spa Center located in Seminyak for an unforgettable massage experience, leaving you with the feeling of being fully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Jari Menari translates to 'Dancing Fingers', which describes the flow of our fingers whilst experiencing our massage. The professionally trained, all-male staff are known for their award-winning massage sessions that offer strong, firm and consistent pressure. Jari Menari from the beginning has followed their vision to train young men in the vocational skills of massage, plus offering classes for the Practitioners in English and Guest Service.

In 2001 the world of Spa & Wellness was expanding and there were limited opportunities for men in the profession, although they too have the ability to give massage with intuition, and focused, consistent pressure, which our guests prefer. It is our commitment to the community to offer training and classes to young men that are looking for a profession and have only their interest, heart and dedication to use as compensation for receiving instruction in professional massage skills.

Jari Menari All Male Professional Practitioners offer massage to enhance relaxation and dispel tension using slow movements and focusing on each individual guest. Our specialty is blending strong massage strokes, rocking, stretching, and palm pressure. Our intention is to share our philosophies and techniques with as many people as possible, enhancing 'quality of touch' in massage around the world. At Jari Menari you can choose to study with us for just one day, as an introduction to massage techniques and touch, or dedicate two weeks and learn the Jari Menari sequence that is so popular with our guests.

Our passion at Jari Menari is massage, training, and passing on vocational skills to those with a hunger for knowledge in the art of massage. Starting each day with yoga, students learn about movement in their own body and that of the guest. Then we focus on the flow of the delivery to make it never ending and smooth, lulling the guest into a deeply relaxed state. Each class offers opportunities to be taught by, study with, mingle and meet Indonesians who love sharing their skills, customs and culture. Our vision is to encourage students to be creative and intuitive when offering sessions to their clientele. You will be happily satisfied and inspired at the end of the day.


  Jalan Basangkasa No: 47 Seminyak, Bali
  +62 361 736 740


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