Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel

After asking for a portion, you will be presented with a bowl of spicy soup with some bones and scraps of meat on them — this soup is incredibly delicious and be sure not to consume the lot as you may well want it to mix with your rice when the main meal arrives.

The pork arrives on a bed of rice and is heavily spiced, accompanied by some vegetables and usually a bit of crackling and some crispy pig skin. The portions here are not massive and it's not uncommon to find those with more money buying a second portion, such is the popularity of the pork here. If you want to try babi guling the way the local people love it, this is the place in Nusa Dua to try. This nondescript warung on the side of the road is not inside the gated Nusa Dua resort complex, but is a short cab ride away in the village of Nusa Dua, to the west of the resorts and to the south of the main road to the airport.


  Jalan Srikandi 9, Nusa Dua


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